Sunday, November 11

What is Fantasia's Shrine?

Welcome to Fantasia's Shrine! That's the place where I retreat every now and then to reflect upon my mental and spiritual journey. I will let you take a peek into what goes inside my mind as I attempt to unravel the world around me one thread at a time. It's taken me a long way to reach where I stand now. But God knows how long it will take me to reach where I want to land, or whether I shall ever make it to that destination during my lifetime. All I can do is try and keep trying, think and keep thinking, believe and keep believing.

My inner peace stems from the thought that I am in continuous motion. My mind is never allowed to rest, it's true. Yet, it is in the midst of this mental toiling that I feel most alive. How could I put my mind to sleep when there are so many questions buzzing inside? My enigmatic existence in this universe makes me wonder about endless things. From finding answers to generating more questions, ideas keep playing their favorite game with my head. I then find myself expanding my inquiries and diving deep into mysterious realms. Waves may left me up once and may push me deeper many times. I'm determined to search for my pearl, even if it lies at the end of the world. The quest is on.

So, I'm lighting my candles.. Meditating inside my shrine, where the most sacred prayers are being held. It is there that life gains meaning. It is there that randomness is transformed into order. It is in the privacy of my shrine that all my mental demons are let loose. They are allowed to roam about and bring me back the truth. And as I sit in this holy spot, I embrace a light that warms my heart. I suddenly discover where I belong. I learn new rituals to nourish my soul. And I grow wings that lift me high above.. above the prison walls.. above the iron gates.. above the darkness of narrow streets.. above the fear of blind herds.. and above the lies which pollute the air. It all happens here.. Inside my holy shrine.. My MIND.


The Alien said...

i can't wait to read your posts here, i think it is going to be diffrent.

i like the buddha's quote very much and i like the design of the blog, good choices.

Fantasia said...

thank you so much. that's so encouraging and uplifting.
i was so hesitant about this project, but the growing success of fantasia's world in its two versions has generated lots of energy and optimism inside me.

you are damn right. this one is going to be so different. my writings here will be more abstract, addressing a higher level of meaning. i want to inspire others to think out of the box, in fact all kinds of boxes. of course, i expect to receive less readers here. my aim here is not a matter of large readership. it is more of an experience in itself.

i'm glad you liked the quote and design. i spent a long time imagining how this blog should appear. honestly, i couldn't do any better than that at the time. and i was so excited to launch it online.

wish you'd keep fllowing posts here as well. sorry about any distraction this might cause. but i really care to know your feedback.

على باب الله said...

congratulations for your new blog


4 fingers crossed

for good luck


2 thumbs up

for emotional support


and of course ...

a big smile


Fantasia said...

3la bab allah,
thank you so much. luck and support i do need certainly. hope you'd follow this new blog as well and tell me what you think. i will start posting soon, but i thought that i have to explain what it's all about first. i appreciate this sweet initiative and wish you'd find this blog worthy of attention.

على باب الله said...

i am trying to start a new blog

i would appreciate it if you can find some time to drop by and tell me what you think

the link of my new blog is :

Anonymous said...

Good morning fantasia

i just wanted to congratulate u on your beautiful shrine

i m sure it's gonna be different than the other blog but still beautiful

nice colors,the one feels at peace here

good luck my dear and im gonna be a regular visitor for sure
take care my dear and have a fantastic day:-)